High for this

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I wish I was sipping an icecold Mojito at a beach while listening to this playlist right now. Aaaahhhh, how perfect would life be!

Tahaksin praegu ühte jääkülma Mojitot rannas nautida, samal ajal taustal mängimas just see playlist... oooeeehhh, see oleks ideaalne!


Blogging tips

I frequently get questions of how to start blogging, how to keep your blog alive and blogging tips in general. I love answering to your emails, but unfortunately my answers are always quite short, because I just don't have the time. So the next time I get an email on that topic I can direct them straight to this post.  So here are my blogging tips for you.

  • Write about what you love

 If you are not into your topic then you don't have anything to write about aaaaand whats that? Losing readers. Think of what you would love to read yourself.

  • Post on regular basis 

You can't expect to build a good reader base if you never post anything or a new post randomly appears six months from now. People love to read active blogs.
Also don't post too much. 5 times a day? Please no. People really don't need to know what you ate for breakfast, what you did at lunch or how many rabbits are on your PJs, when you go to bed.
(Use Twitter for that instead)

  • Be unique
There are probably probably hundreds of people who write on the same topic as you, so try to think what makes you unique and stand out from the rest.

  • Check your spelling

Typos are acceptable, but if your grammar is bad, then its bad. Nobody wants to read a poor writer.

  • Gather your thoughts 

Try not to talk about 100 different things in one post. Better make it short than long. 

  • Keep it simple

By this I mean blog design and writing font. Its much easier to read from one colour background. Also you really don't need butterflies flying around with your arrow - trust me, you don't!
Try to make it look professional.

  • Too much good is never good

People love free things, so giveaways are good, but not too often. Consider making a larger giveaway once a month, than small giveaways with 1 item every week. This can also make people go away if there are only giveaways and nothing else (to read).

  • Quality photos 

Everybody loves pretty photos. You don't have to be Steven Meisel, but please try not to post out of focus/blurry photos or low quality (done with your not so great phone). If you think blogging for you is longterm then invest on a good camera.
As I watch the my first photo posts I want to scratch my eyes out, because the photos are THAT bad. But I sure didn't find them to be that bad at the time. Try out new techniques and also photo editing softwares. I'm still learning and trying to get better by day!

  • Connect with readers

Answer to comments & emails, comment other people blogs. Talk with your people!

  • Do it for the right reasons

Do it because you love blogging, not because you want to get free things / get famous.

Hopefully this was useful for you and if you have any tips of your own then please share them with me :)



I just checked and realised another month has passed of my last Instagram post.  So here we go! :)

Beautiful morning with the last snow.

First bicycle ride of the year!

Made my first macaroons (lemon-lime) and they turned out perfect & super yummy. Cant wait to try out some more!

First BBQ of the season and first outdoor sauna. 
Doesn't the sauna look amazing? I think its gonna be so awesome in the winter when its all snow everywhere. And guess what? I can proudly say my dad built it! It now only needs some minor adjustments and its perfect. Also its unique, because no one has ever made it from the material he made it. So get it line if you want to have one aswell. PS! Different from wood saunas, it will(should) last forever! :)

Mums bday!

Cake for my mums bday.

Oh yum - coconut icecream & smoothie. This actually reminds me of that I actually should have some icecream left in the fridge!

You must download the Cat Alone app. Mine is bananas over it :D

Nice workout & post workout meal.

Easter themed cupcakes - check!

Lets call it pasha cake

Outfit details

Brought home some fresh tulips.

On saturday I hosted my very first dinner party and it turned out great! Can't wait for the next time :)

Incase you missed the cake I made on saturday. Did I mention it was great?

He sleeps in the funniest poses :D

Finished this weekend with a nice bike ride!

aaaaand I think we can finally say the spring/summer is finally here! :)

Thats it for this time. Follow me @mariliisanger to get quicker updates of things as they happen :)



This time I am giving away 100$ Sheinside giftcard. 

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I will announce the winner on the 1st of May!

Seekordne giveaway auhind on 100Sheinside kinkekaart.


Võitja selgub 1. mai!



As the weather is getting warmer I start dreaming of more summery items. Here is my current wishlist! 
Mida soojemaks lähevad ilmad, seda suvisemaks muutuvad mu soovid ja just nende asjade olemasolust unistan ma praegu.
White dress / Clutch / V neck blouse



Summer = festivals. I decided to show you some of my favorite looks from this years Coachella music festival. Its my dream to go there myself one day!
Suvi = väliüritused. Nii otsustasingi täna näidata teile oma lemmik riietusi Coachellalt. Mu hästi pisike unistus on asi ka oma silmaga ülevaadata ühel heal päeval!

My perfect festival looks would be something like this.
Minu ideaalsed festivali riietused oleksid sellised.

Whats your perfect festival look? :)
Milline oleks teie jaoks ideaalne festivali riietus? :)



Today is such a beautiful weather that this would be the perfect outfit! A red leather jacket looks so rad and now im searching for the perfect one. Have you seen any cool ones? :)
Täna on nii ilus ilm ja ideaalne riietus tänasesse oleks just see. Punane nahktagi näeb nii khuul välja ja nüüd ma otsingi omale seda õiget. Ehk on teile silma jäänud kuskil mingi tuus punane tagi? :)



Kõiki riideid on kantud 1-2 korda, seega väga korralikud.
Kuressaares saab asjad käestkätte, mujale saadan Smartpostiga (lisandub hinnale). Ostmiseks/küsimuste puhul kirjuta kommentaaridesse, facebooki või anger.mariliis@gmail.com

Kui asi on müüdud siis eemaldan selle või kirjutan pildi alla müüdud, kui pilt on alles siis järelikult on asi saadaval!

NB! Hinnad ei ole kivist ja alati saab kaubelda :)
Suurus: One size (S/M)
Hind: 10€

Suurus: Hall M, oranž M/L
Hind: 7€ kumbki

Suurus: L (sobib ka väiksemale suurusele kui kanda vööga nagu mina)
Hind: 15€

Ülevalt/tagant pitsist.

Suurus: 38
Hind: 15€

Suurus: M
Hind: 15€

Suurus: sees on S, aga ma kannan M ja mulle paras
Hind: 15€
Värvus on tumeroheline ja kivikesed on ise pandud.

Suurus: S/M
Hind: 10€

Suurus: M
Hind: 10€

Suurus: M (läheb ka L)
Hind: 12€

Suurus: M
Hind: 7€

Suurus: Hõbedane S, kuldne S/M
Hind: mõlemad 8€

kuldne lähemalt

Suurus: 38
Hind: 15€
Kolmveerand pikkusega

Suurus: M
Hind: 10€

Suurus: L
Hind: 7€

Suurus S/M
Hind: 10€

Suurus: M
Hind: 15€

Nude / Beige toonis suvine kleit suurus: M
Hind: 15€

Suurus: S
Hind: 10€

Suurus: S/M
Hind: 12€

Valge 10 €

Suurus: M
Hind: 20€

Suurus: M
Hind: 10€

Esimesed (kõige alumised st.) ja kesmised MÜÜDUD!!

Sinine 8€
 NB! Sinine vasaku kõrva oma!

Kõik 8€

Kõik 7€
NB! Rohelisel üks rippuv kivi kadunud

 Kõik 10€

Vasakpoolne 6€, lõviga 10€
Keskmine MÜÜDUD!!